• Astronauts by Specsavers Opticians

    Astronauts by Specsavers Opticians

    Promotional video advertisement “Astronauts” by Specsavers Opticians.2 For 1 From 69 GBP. Should’ve Gone To Specsavers. Specsavers is the
  • Change Room by Dixie

    Change Room by Dixie

    Commercial ad “Change Room” by Dixie.Let Your Shopper Out. Dixie Outlet MallMore funny video advertisements from Dixie
  • The Breakfast by Alpen

    The Breakfast by Alpen

    Commercial ad “The Breakfast” by Alpen.Isn’t a Time You Enjoy The Full Alpen. Alpen Cereal Bars, The Full Alpen. Alpen is the brand name
  • The Right Song by BMW

    The Right Song by BMW

    Funny video advertisement “The Right Song” by BMW.Always The Right Song For the Right Time. Online Entertainment With More Than 18 Million
  • Cell Contracts by Boost Mobile

    Cell Contracts by Boost Mobile

    Funny video advertisement “Cell Contracts” by Boost Mobile.We Hear You, Boost Doesn’t Have Contracts. Be Heard. Boost Mobile. Boost
  • Magic by Migros

    Magic by Migros

    Funny video advertisement “Magic” by Migros.A Lot Fora Little. Migros Migros is one of Switzerland’s largest enterprises, its largest
  • Fairy Tale by Spa Barisart

    Fairy Tale by Spa Barisart

    The Purifying Water. Spa Barisart Spa is a brand of mineral water from Spa, Belgium, and is owned by the Spadel Group. Spa mineral water has been bottled
  • Bike by Sportchek

    Bike by Sportchek

    Commercial clip “Bike” by Sportchek.Bike Fitting. SportChek Sport Chek is the largest Canadian retailer of sporting clothing, sports equipment
  • Winter Tires by BMW

    Winter Tires by BMW

    Commercial of “Winter Tires” by BMW.Install Your BMW Approved Winter Tires Today. BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is an independent German
  • Celebrate by Ditto

    Celebrate by Ditto

    Funny video advertisement “Celebrate” by Ditto.Social. Mobile. Smart – Ditto TradeMore funny video advertisements from Ditto
  • Exchange Student by FedEx

    Exchange Student by FedEx

    Commercial of “Exchange Student” by FedEx.We Understand. You Need a Partner Who Can Help You Go Global. FedEx Corporation is a leading
  • Kitchen by Terminix

    Kitchen by Terminix

    Commercial ad “Kitchen” by Terminix.Get The Termites Before They Get To You. With a Terminix Ultimate Protection Guarantee. PowerOver Pests.
  • Ex-Friend by AXE

    Ex-Friend by AXE

    Marketing video advertisement “Ex-Friend” by AXE.Less Friendly, More Women. New AXE AXE a brand of male grooming products owned by Unilever who
  • Raccoon by Blockbuster

    Raccoon by Blockbuster

    Commercial of “Raccoon” by Blockbuster.You Never Wait That Long. So Why Wait 28 Days For New Releases? Less Waiting. More Watching.
  • Motel by Sky Television

    Motel by Sky Television

    Commercial “Motel” by Sky Television.Sky Decoder In Every Room. Sky Guest Select.
  • Legends by Carlton

    Legends by Carlton

    Legends Of The Dry. Carlton Draught The Carlton Draught Big Ad is an award-winning advertisement for Carlton Draught created by Young & Rubicam, which
  • Made From Cool by Jack And Jones

    Made From Cool by Jack And Jones

    Funny video advertisement “Made From Cool” by Jack And Jones.Made From Cool. Premium By Jack&Jones. Jack&Jones is a privately held
  • Remote by Essilor Optifog

    Remote by Essilor Optifog

    Promo video advertisement “Remote” by Essilor Optifog.Foggy Moments Can Be Risky. The New Technology Against Fog. Essilor OptiFog Lenses
  • Follow Me by Nissan

    Follow Me by Nissan

    Commercial clip “Follow Me” by Nissan.The Nissan Pathfinder. Innovation That Excites. The Nissan Pathfinder is designed to blaze trails through
  • Free Flight by Capital One

    Free Flight by Capital One

    Funny video advertisement “Free Flight” by Capital One.Fly Any Airline. Anytime. Capital One Venture Card. What’s In Your Wallet. Capital
  • Little Investor by HSBC Bank

    Little Investor by HSBC Bank

    Commercial of “Little Investor” by HSBC Bank.We Recognize How Different People Respect Different Things.What We Learn From One Customer Helps
  • A Beauty by Subway

    A Beauty by Subway

    New Subway Applewood Pulled Pork Limited Time Only . Eat Fresh. Subway. Subway is the name of a franchise fast food restaurant that mainly sells sandwiches
  • Tooth Fairy by Lynx

    Tooth Fairy by Lynx

    Commercial advert “Tooth Fairy” by Lynx.The Lynx Effect. Lynx. Lynx, or Axe (see below), is a brand of male grooming products, owned by
  • Thrillicious by Sobe Water

    Thrillicious by Sobe Water

    Commercial of “Thrillicious” by Sobe Water.South Beach Beverage Company, commonly known by its acronym, SoBe (IPA: [sobi]), is a manufacturer
  • Pointer by Miller Lite

    Pointer by Miller Lite

    Funny video advertisement “Pointer” by Miller Lite.It’s Miller Time. Miller Lite. Miller Brewing Company is the second largest American
  • Someday by Wells Fargo

    Someday by Wells Fargo

    Commercial of “Someday” by Wells Fargo.Someday: Your Own Hot Tub.Wells Fargo Today: Wells Fargo Checking With Automatic Savings. Wells Fargo
  • The Hamster Stunt by Volvo

    The Hamster Stunt by Volvo

    Promotional video advertisement “The Hamster Stunt” by Volvo.This Test Was Set Up To Demonstrate Volvo Dynamic Steering. It Was Carried Out By