• Good and Bad News by FedEx

    Good and Bad News by FedEx

    Ship a Pak Via FedEx Express Saver For as Low as 7.50 USD FedEx Express. FedEx Corporationis a leading logistics services company, based in the United
  • Zone by BMW Mini

    Zone by BMW Mini

    A Passenger’s Guide to the New MINI Countryman – No Hands Zone. The New Mini Countryman. Go all The Way. Mini
  • The Bear by Sixt Rent-a-car

    The Bear by Sixt Rent-a-car

    It Feels Good To Rent a Nice Car. Boost Yourself. Sixt Car Rental.
  • Dues by Audi

    Dues by Audi

    Whatever You Do, Stay Uncompromised. The All-New Audi A3 is Here. Truth In Engineering. Audi The Audi A3 is a small family car produced by the German
  • Showdown by KIA Motors

    Showdown by KIA Motors

    Showdown With Blake Griffin For KIA Motors. A KIA Motors Production. Blake Griffin In The Optima. Official Automotive Partner. KIA
  • Restaurant by Visa Card

    Restaurant by Visa Card

    No Matter Where You Are, the FIFA World Cup Is Where All Of Us Want To Be. Visa. Everywhere You Want To Be.
  • Parachute by Volkswagen

    Parachute by Volkswagen

    You Get What You Pay For. Golf From 16 775 GBP. Well Worth It. Das Auto. Volkswagen.
  • Smart Gift by Radio Shack

    Smart Gift by Radio Shack

    Gift Smart This Season With Coolest Speakers, Headphones and Toys. At Raadioshack
  • Legs by Veet

    Legs by Veet

    Don’t Risk Dudeness. Feel Womanly Around The Clock Veet’s hair removal cream.
  • Movie Fan by Prime

    Movie Fan by Prime

    Prime and Film, friends To the End.
  • The Caddy Standoff by Volkswagen

    The Caddy Standoff by Volkswagen

    The Caddy Standoff By Volkswagen Norway. Volkswagen Caddy. Norway’s Most Popular Workplace On Four Wheels. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.
  • Flowers by HSBC Bank

    Flowers by HSBC Bank

    Marketing video advertisement “Flowers” by HSBC Bank.The World’s Local Bank. HSBC. HSBC Holdings is the world’s largest financial
  • Mess by IKEA

    Mess by IKEA

    Commercial “Mess” by IKEA.Mess Breeds More Mess. Get Organised. IKEA Spring Cleaning. IKEA is a privately-held, international home products
  • Diet by Boylan’s

    Diet by Boylan's

    Commercial “Diet” by Boylan’s.Diet ? Don’t Bet On It ! Boylan’s Birch Beer Boylan Bottling Company is an American gourmet
  • Surprise by Target Stores

    Surprise by Target Stores

    Promo video advertisement “Surprise” by Target Stores.GE Energy Smart. Bright From The Start. Target Corporation is an American retailing
  • Party In France by Foster’s Beer

    Party In France by Foster's Beer

    Foster’s Gold – 4,8% Premium Lager. Foster’s Lager is an internationally distributed Australian brand of beer. It is also brewed under
  • Dinosaur by Kellogg’s

    Dinosaur by Kellogg's

    Commercial advert “Dinosaur” by Kellogg’s.The Trouble Is They Taste Too Good. Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Kellogg Company is an American
  • Phone Driving by Other

    Phone Driving by Other

    Funny video advertisement “Phone Driving” by Other.Using Your Phone When Driving Is Just As Dangerous As Driving Drunk. Norwegian Council For
  • Real Food by Mammoth Yoghurt

    Real Food by Mammoth Yoghurt

    Marketing video advertisement “Real Food” by Mammoth Yoghurt.Real Man Food, Man. Mammoth Supply Co. Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited is a
  • Tough  by Nissan

    Tough by Nissan

    Funny video advertisement “Tough” by Nissan.Shift Expectations. Nissan Nissan is a multinational automaker headquartered in Japan. It was
  • Case by AT&T

    Case by AT&T

    Funny video advertisement “Case” by AT&T.You’ve Got a Case. Rethink Possible. AT&T’s Network AT&T Inc is the largest
  • Mobile Mancave by Bright House Networks

    Mobile Mancave by Bright House Networks

    Commercial advertisement “Mobile Mancave” by Bright House Networks.Watch TV Anywhere Around The House With BrightHouse TV App, Free For All
  • Neighbor  by Haggar

    Neighbor by Haggar

    Promo video advertisement “Neighbor” by Haggar.Making Things Right. Haggar Haggar Clothing Co. is a manufacturer of men’s clothing based
  • Statistics by Budweiser

    Statistics by Budweiser

    Promo video advertisement “Statistics” by Budweiser.True. Budweiser. Budweiser, sometimes referred to as Bud, is a global pale lager brand
  • Prepared by Tetley’s

    Prepared by Tetley's

    Commercial “Prepared” by Tetley’s.Be “Prepared” by Tetleys video advertisement Beer to use on wedding? Aak the bride. Or the
  • The Look by AXE

    The Look by AXE

    Commercial advert “The Look” by AXE.With Teddy Bear Hair You Can Get Away With Anything. Get Teddy Bear Hair With AXE Hair. AXE a brand of male
  • Customer Service by Citigroup

    Customer Service by Citigroup

    Press “0” To Talk To a Person. CitiBank Citibank is consumer banking arm of financial services giant Citigroup, one of the largest companies in